Bank of the West Credit Cards

Bank of the West Credit Cards
Bank of the West Credit Cards
The Bank of the West Credit Card is a low-interest rate card that comes with a low APR. This card is issued by Bank of the West. The card be used for travel, road and other purchases. This card also offers you the opportunity to finance your everyday expenses. It also offers its users road and travel insurance and the cards can be easily managed by it users. It can be used at grocery superstores. The card also has an online platform which is easy-to-use. On this platform You can view account statement, account alerts, add authorized user and update account details after logging in. Also the online portal that allows users to log in, pay credit card bills and activate the card.

Bank of the West Credit card Features

  • The as no low Intro APR rate of 0% APR for 6 months from purchase.
  • A normal APR rate of 15.24% – 23.24%.
  • The card as no cash advance APR.
  • The card as no cash advance fee.
  • The card has as no annual fee.

The following must met before applying;.

  • The user should be at least 18 years old.
  • The user must have a government issued photo ID.
  • The User must be a resident of U.S.
  • The user must have a valid Social Security Number.

How to Apply for Bank of the West Credit Cards

To apply follow the steps below.
Step 1: Simply visit the credit card homepage ( then Click on “Start Application” after looking at the frequently asked questions
Step 2: On the application page, Provide the necessary details in all the fields provided  then, click on continue.
Step 3: Next indicate your application type, that is if you are applying for Platinum MasterCard or Platinum Priority Rewards MasterCard. Then, click on “Continue” if you have read and understood the terms and conditions provided.
Step 4: Click on Submit to Finish the application.
Wait for your application approval. Once your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation massage.
How to Check Bank of the West Credit Card Application Status.
To activate your new credit card, simply call the online service team at 1-866-BOW-Bear (269-2327

How to Login To Bank of the West Credit Card Page.

Step 1: Go to the login homepage using this link (
Step 2: On the new displayed login section. Enter your username and password in the specified fields, then click on “Log in”.
Username Recovery.
Step 1: Locate the login page and click on the “Forgot username?” Link.
Step 2: Select your account type, if it is a personal or company account, select the option “Yes” if you have a Bank of the West debit card number and lastly choose whether you have a social security number.
Step 3: Fill out the username recovery form with your personal details.
Password Recovery
Step 1: To reset your password, simply contact customer support by calling any of these numbers: 1-800-488-2265, 1-800-488-2265, 1-800-488-2265, 1-800-488-2265

How To Activate Your  Card.

Step 1 – To activate the new credit card, simply contact customer service by calling any of these numbers: 1-800-488-2265, 1-800-488-2265, 1-800-488-2265, 1-800 – 488-2265. Contact Details
Personal Credit Card 1-800-488-2265 Commercial Credit Card N/A
Mailing Address: 180 Montgomery Street San Francisco, California 94104

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