Buckle Credit Card | Login | Application Online – What You Need to Know

Buckle Credit Card
The buckle is providing its customers with a good store rewards card which allows rebates on purchases or specific brand merchandise. The Buckle Card is issued by Comenity Bank to customers with a fair credit history, giving them a $10 rewards certificate for every 300 points earned during the four months period of the B-Rewards system yet, comes with an unsteady high APR of 27.24%.

Buckle Credit CardBuckle Credit Card
The B-Rewards system of Buckle has to do with issuing of rewards for a period of four months and if cardholders should get 300 points during this period, they will be given at the end of the fourth month a $10 reward certificate. But, you are expected to make use of this rewards certificate before, at the end of the fifth month, or lose it totally.

However, there is still a second option with which you are opportune to enjoy an extended expiration date. See to it that you attain the Buckle EXCLUSIVE or Buckle BLACK level by, using this card of yours to make purchases of at least $1,000 or $500 respectively, to enable you to reach the EXCLUSIVE or the BLACK level.

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Benefits Of Buckle Credit Card

What are the Benefits of this Card?
This credit card provided its users with some benefits which are why customers at Buckle store value this card a lot.

Offers Rewards
Since users earn $10 for every 300 points gotten during the B-Rewards system then, it offers a 3% reward to its users. Sadly, this reward must be used at Buckle, for shopping yet its expiry date is short and it charges a very high APR.


This card charges no introductory APR on balance transfers and purchases but has a standard APR of 27.24. Therefore, the APR is bound to be applied after the introductory or 25 days grace period for qualified purchases. To add to that, it demands no yearly fee.

Provides discounts
First-time users will enjoy a 10% discount on their first Buckle card purchase.
Plus the exclusive mailing and special offers, not excluding the special birthday bonus given to cardholders on their birthday.

What Credit Record Does This Buckle Credit Card Need?

All aspirates are to have a good credit record with no bad record of any type. However, the recommended FICO credit score for this card is 628 if you wish to be approved quickly. But there are other things that matter a lot not that your credit score is not part of them.

So, these include your recent credit inquiries, debt-income ratio, 30+ day delinquencies, or current credit account up to the maximum amount.

All these mentioned here together with your credit score plays an important role when it comes to making decisions for approval.

It is interesting to note that your FICO score can be used to determine your creditworthiness as an applicant yet, it is not all you need.

What Are The Requirements For This Card?

To apply for the Buckle card you must meet the following requirements because they determine your eligibility for this card. And these requirements are:

  • First, you must have a fair credit score.
  • All aspirates are to be at least 18 years.
  • As an applicant, you must have a street, rural route, or APO/FPO mailing address. Mind you PO Box addresses cannot be accepted.
  • Like other credit card company demands, you should have a government recognized US social Security Number.

Buckle Credit Card Application – How Can I Get this Card?

To apply for this card, you just have to visit the Comenity Bank webpage using this link “Apply here” so,  you will be directed to the application page for this card.

When you get there, go through the terms of this card and every other necessary detail.  Then, make available just as specified on that page, the required personal information. After that click on the “Continue” link located towards the end of that page and proceed with the application procedures.

Buckle Credit Card Login

Can I Manage My Credit Card Online?
Yes! Provided you have registered for online access, you just have to navigate to the Comenity Bank website using this link “Here“.

As soon as you get there, give your username and password. Then, click on the “Remember Me box” to save your login details for future use, before clicking on the “Sign in” link. Having done that, you can now properly manage your card online.

To recover your lost or forgotten password, you are to click on the “Forgot your username and password” link found below the sign-in button. Then, do that which you are asked to do and you will get that which you are looking for.

If you have not registered for online access, do click on the “Register for online access” link located below the forgot username and password, and have yourself registered. Since you can only manage your credit card with an online account.

Do Cardholders Complain About this Card?

It is true that customer at Buckle store takes advantages of the rewards offered by this card but they are still worried about the short expiry offered on rewards, its customer service and the low credit limit it provides.

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Why Do We like This Card?

The Buckle store is known as a retailer of jeans and a t-shirt, providing different unique casual dresses to its customers. So, you can apply for this card if you are a devoted customer at the Buckle store to get at least a discount on your purchases. This I must say; the Buckle card has more set back than advantages.

Buckle Credit Card Payment

How Do I Pay my Card Bill? 
Coincidentally, there are different ways of paying your card bills. Cardholders are allowed to make payments via phone, online, at the store, or mail them to its address. buckle credit card bill pay

Buckle Credit Card bill Payment via Phone
To make your payment using this option, you just have to make use of these numbers below:
Tel: 888-427-7786 or TDD/TTY 800-695-1788

Through Mail
Going by this method, fees may apply but, you shall be sending your payment to the address:
Comenity Bank
PO Box 659704
San Antonio, TX 78265-9704.

Additionally, you can make your card payment online and at the Buckle store. For in-store payments, you will pay in cash or check.

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