Eddie Bauer Credit Card – Login | Application Guide

Eddie Bauer Credit Card

Eddie Bauer is a clothing department that operates under Eddie Bauer Holdings, Inc. Credit cardholders are liable to rewards if they enroll with the Adventure Reward Program.

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Eddie Bauer Credit Card


You can get about a 10% offer when you use your card to make a purchase after opening an account.

Join Eddie Bauer Adventure Rewards and earn an additional 2% in Rewards on every purchase when paying with your Eddie Bauer Credit Card

The user enjoys Free Return Shipping on all orders done with your Eddie Bauer Credit Card.

The Eddie Bauer Credit Card reports your records to multiple credit bureaus.

The card is issued by the Comenity Bank and can be used at Eddie Bauer.

Users can enjoy using their card with No Annual Fees.

The card has:

  • Has no Balance Transfer APR
  • Required Credit Score Ranges from 650 – 850
  • Purchase APR  (Variable APR) is about 29.24%
  • Zero Charges on Intro APR Rate
  • No Cash Advance APR Rate
  • No Cash Advance Fees

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When a customer joins Aventure Rewards, he/she will earn a faster reward which also includes a 2% reward on every purchase on Eddie Bauer Credit Card.

The customer will also earn a free return shipping on every order.

The customers will be entitled to a first-hand invitation and discount on pre-shopping events and special sales.

Customers are given 10% off on account opening and credit card used when making purchases.

Eddie Bauer Credit Card  Login/Online Bill Payment

Eddie Bauer grants customers easy access to a login portal to enable them to handle their personal online accounts so as to make credit card bill payment and activation of their cards which are issued by Comenity Bank.



STEP 1: On the homepage, comenity.net/eddiebauer clickk on the ‘Sign In’ icon

STEP 2: When you click on it, enter your ‘Username and Password’ which must be correct to enable you access to your data. After which, you click the ‘Sign In’.

In situations of forgotten Password or Username, here are the things you should do to retrieve your information;

STEP 1:  click on the ‘Forget Password or Username’ that is on the lower part of the page

STEP 2:  This will get you to a new webpage that displays a reset section for password and username

STEP 3: Input the necessary details like Credit account number or Username, Zip code, Identification Type, etc. After typing the correct details, click on ‘Find my Account’.

Making Payments with Eddie Bauer Credit Card

STEP 1: Log in to your Credit Card Account with your correct login details. After this, there will a ‘Make Payment’ at the bottom of the page.

STEP 2:  The customer can set his/her account as an automatic debit payment. On the due date each month, the bank makes deductions from the account.

STEP 3: The customers can make payment by going to an Eddie Bauer’s Store or calling a customer care representative.

Activation Your New Card

Contact the customer care representative to activate your newly received credit card by putting a call to 1-866-891-3458.

Creating an Online Account

For new internet account registration, click on ‘Register for Online Access’.

You will be taken to another page that will require you to input your details which also includes the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number then you click ‘Find my Account’.



To apply for Eddie Bauer,

You must be of the age of 18yrs of age and a valid means of identification.

You must be a resident of the US and must have a Social Security Number.

The following steps are needed for easy application;

STEP 1: log on to the homepage comenity.net/eddibauer login and click on ‘Apply’ button

STEP 2:  Click on it and a sign-up section will pop-up, sign up inputting your correct Name, Social Security Number, DOB, and Annual Income

STEP 3:  Next, a contact information page will pop-up, input your correct details and click on submit.

STEP 4:  You need to authorize a buyer after which you click on ‘Continue’.


Contact the customer care service to check eligibility status and to cancel the credit card account using the link given above.

You can also visit your bank and request for account deactivation.


Mailing Address: Eddie Bauer Customer Service P.O Box 7001 Groveport, OH 43125

Customer Care Service: 1-866-507-6744