Horizon Gold Card Activation [ Horizon Gold Card Login ]

Horizon Gold Card Activation [ Horizon Gold Card ].

Is the Horizon Gold Card Right For You?

Horizon Gold Card is not necessary a credit card like Visa Card or MasterCard. Instead, it is a store card designed for anyone needs a credit card but has a bad credit score or no credit history at all. The card is designed to help you build your low credit.

In the case that you have applied for a card before but denied approval, then the Horizon Gold Card might be a good option for you. If you have a poor credit score and even a limited monthly income, but you shop regularly at the Horizon Outlet store. Then Go for the card.

The card has no great perks nor benefits that most credit cards have, though it comes with a 0% APR and nearly anyone can be approved.

Horizon Gold Card Activation

Horizon Gold Card: Horizon Credit Card Reviews

Horizon Gold Card is not a credit card at but a store card that can only be used at the Horizon Outlet store online and you always have to pay your bill in full every month. The fees are regarded as quite high. The card costs nearly $300 a year in fees and has a limit of only $500

It does not come with bonuses, no major requirement needed for the card.  You don’t need credit or employment check to get approval for the card.

When you get approved for the card, you will receive a $500 credit limit that comes with an unsecured card, which also comes with a 0% APR.

Facts & Features

  • The card offers a $500 credit limit
  • It is an Unsecured card
  • No credit check is required for approval
  • Credit bureau reporting: it reports your credit to the major credit bureau
  • You get a fast online application
  • No employment requirements are needed for approval.

Why GET A Horizon Gold Card?

The first major fact is that it does require any employment documentation, and the card provider will definitely not run a credit check when you apply.
This is a great advantage for you if you do not have great credit or that keeps getting denied for a credit card.
Another thing about the Horizon Gold is that it has a fairly high credit limit compared to some other bad credit score cards available. $500 is more than double what some secured credit cards offer.
The Horizon Outlet store is a mega online store that has a decent number of shopping opportunities. They include: Apparel, jewelry, accessories, and footwear for kids, men, and women
Home items such as kitchen and bath supplies, decor, and appliances
Auto supplies
Pet supplies
Shopping on the Horizon Outlet store could help you save money since these products come with great prizes

Rewards & Benefits | Horizon Gold Card Activation

This offers you a Privacy Protection Plan that provides you with a free credit report which allows you to see exactly what the bureaus have on file for you in terms of financial behavior.
The user of the card also gets a prescription benefit that can help you save on your medications. At participating pharmacies, members receive up to 40 percent off of covered prescription medications.
Horizon Gold’s roadside assistance helps you with things like towing or services. You can make up to three service calls or towing requests up to 15 miles and up to as much as $50. Any Additional mileage is at your own cost.
Horizon Gold reports to one of the major credit bureaus every thirty days. This is the key point because it is the only way to consistently build your credit. By documenting that you responsibly repay your debt each month, you show lenders that you’re trustworthy.
Horizon Gold offers customer support via either an online contact form or live chat to answer all your questions.

Horizon Gold Rates & Fees

There are some hefty fees to consider when applying for Horizon Gold, including:
Since the card is an unsecured card. You’ll have to pay a down payment to get a credit line, but there’s really no annual fee.
Credit Limit: You get a $500 credit limit with this card
The card has no APR which seems to be one of the best benefits of using the card.
The minimum monthly payment is 10 percent of the account balance or $25—whichever is greater.
If your balance is less than $25, you’ll be required to pay your entire balance.
Horizon Gold has a $20 late payment fee.
You are charged additional fees of $2.50 for delivery signature verification and $2 for residential delivery.
An activation fee of $5 as an account validation fee is charged when you first open your Horizon Gold account.

Application Guide

Horizon Gold Card Activation

  • To activate Horizon Gold Card first thing is users have to do is visit the link – https://sites.google.com/site/horizongoldcardl
  • On the next page, Click on “Cards”
  • Then click on “Activate-Cards-Magnetic-Stripes-For-Overseas-Use”.
  • Once done, enter your Horizon Gold Card Number and your 6 digits security pin number.
  • Now click on “Selections” and choose “Cards-Accounts”.
  • You will get a notification shortly, that your Horizon Gold Card has been activated.

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 Using Horizon Gold Card Customer Care Number to Activate the Card

  • You can dial 1-800-251-6144 activate the card by phone.
  • Once you are connected to Horizon Gold Card Customer Care officer you tell them you want to activate the card.
  • You have to provide your personal details like your full name and your full address and your date of birth etc.
  • Next is to provide your card details, for example, your Horizon Gold Card Number and your Horizon Gold Card CVV code and card-type, etc.
  • After completing the steps above, you will get a notification showing your card has been activated.

You can Call Horizon Customer Service Phone Number for any issues relating to using the card. To get the Horizon Customer Service Phone Number, simply go to your last bill statement or visit their website; then locate the contact us section.