Kindle Direct Publishing | Steps to Publish an eBook on KDP for Free. Part 1

Kindle Direct Publishing

How to Publish an eBook on Kindle Direct Publishing. Part 1

Publishing Your Book on Amazon KDP Kindle Direct Publishing is quite easy and very straightforward to do. This service is completely free to use and you have the privilege of earning up to 70% royalty on sales made.

Many people who self-publish their books wonder how they can sell their books online. One of the best ways is to use Amazon
Kindle Direct Publishing.

When you use this medium, you can set your books up almost immediately and the books can be available to people around the world on the same day.

Publishing on KDP is of great advantage. Because it allows you to offer your book for free for the period of time after publishing and this motivates Amazon to continue promoting it and in return helps you to increase your mailing list.

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Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle Direct Publishing

Guidelines to Publish Kindle Direct Publishing

follow the guide below, if you want to publish a book.
Go to First, you need to create an account with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to get started. Or if you have done so already simply log in to gain access to your dashboard.

On your Dashboard, click on the “KDP Select” tab.

Next, click on the “Enrol Now” tab seen on the screen.

On the new page, click on the +kindle eBook assuming it an eBook. Begin to add the required details. First Enter your Book Title as it appears in the book. Enter the subtitles if available. Enter the series name and number if the is in series, Give the Edition Number if the book is a new edition of an already existing book.

Next, add the Author’s name, since you are the one, add your name. It can be a pen name if you want.

Provide the book contributors. Click on the “Add Contributors” tab to add yourself as the author

Give a description of the book. You have to ensure that it is well written because this is what tells you, reader, whether to purchase the book if it will solve a need for them. Ensure it is interesting, informative, and engaging. You can use HTML code to make book description real engaging.

Verify your publishing rights. As an author, you have the right to publish your book. Click on it to verify it.

Choose the keyword search. With keyword searches, your book can be seen by people who are looking for such topics on Amazon. You can use Google Keyword tools,, and other keyword tools used by competitors.

Select categories. The more detailed the niche in which your category is, the greater the chance of being seen by the right people. You can choose up to two categories for your book. Ensure you carefully choose them to help readers find your book easily.

Select the age category, or leave your age category empty except it is a book for children.

Specify if you want to do a Pre-Order or not

Review all the information you have provided, then click on “Save and Continue”. This will lead you to sign in again to your KDP account.