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Ollo Credit Card
This is a card designed for those who are in great need of an unsecured card which requires a moderate credit score. if you are in this category you can then try these few Ollo cards. But it is a card for only those actually invited by Ollo. It is issued by Friendship Bancshares Inc, precisely Mid America Bank, an auxiliary.
Although this card is divide into two: Ollo Platinum MasterCard and Ollo Rewards Credit Card. We shall take them one after the other.  This article has in it all the necessary information concerning this credit card.
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Ollo Platinum MasterCard.

This is one of the Ollo cards. A good card designed especially for those with a poor credit score {like 580), as you enjoy your card you will not have to pay much. It demands no annual fee, requests no foreign and provides your FICO score online, without you being charged for it. Sadly enough, this card does not offer special rewards or bonuses and no fraud liability.
This card is a MasterCard and for this reason, it can be used everywhere. Bear in mind that,  Ollo checks to know the way in which your credit card payment is being made, to determine when you are qualified to have your credit line increased.

Features of this Ollo MasterCard

  • This credit card demands no yearly or foreign transaction fee.
  • Those using this credit card will experience an automatic increment in their credit line if they are qualified to have it.
  • There is an unsteady purchase APR of 24.99%.
  • It is a card that provides no fraud liability.
  • If, as a customer, you have this card, your FICO score will be easily accessible to online without you paying for it.
  • To be in possession of this card you are required to have a credit score of 580 to 700.
  • You cannot be charged unnecessarily as you use this card.
  • Also, it is an unsecured card.
  • Additionally, this credit card offers a high-interest rate (up to 24.99%).
  • Above all, it can be used where a credit card is recognized.

Our View
This is a decent MasterCard with no annual fee or foreign transaction fee. It is a card for customers that are could not get their dream card. As mentioned earlier, it is a card for those who are invited to apply by Ollo. So, if you were not invited you can try other cards.
Ollo Credit Card

Advantages of this MasterCard

  • It has a low credit score requirement.
  • You are to pay no foreign transaction or annual fee for this card.
  • Also, you are to make a few payments as you enjoy your card.

Disadvantages of this MasterCard

  • It has a high-interest rate.
  • It comes with no reward.

Unfortunately, only those invited by Ollo can apply for this credit card.

Ollo Rewards Credit Card.

This is a card for customers who wish to get cashback rewards but does not have a good credit score. Also, the reward which you may get as you continue using your card wisely has no limit. In addition to that, the rewards offered to customers do not expire provided your account remains open.
This reward card is like the MasterCard mention earlier but, here are some of the differences. It demands a yearly fee of $39 which cannot be relinquished. For more, just continue.

Features of this Rewards Card

Provided you are using this card wisely, your credit line could be increased automatically.
This card has an unsteady purchase APR of 24.99%.
A yearly fee of $39 is to be made regularly.
Your FICO score will be accessible to you online as you enjoy your credit card and you will not be charged.
Customers having this card you will be given 2% cash back for purchases made at groceries, gas stations and drugstores.
And for other purchases, you will be given a 1% cashback.
It is interesting to note that the rewards gotten from this card do not expire provided that your account remains open and rewards offered to customers have no limit.
The card has a recommended credit score of 580 to 700.
It does not demand any unnecessary fees.
It is a good card for those in search of an unsecured card.
There are no fraud liability features.
You can apply for this card if, you wish to get cashback rewards but your credit score is not that high, especially when you make purchases of more than $3,900 each year.
Customer who are able to make purchases of $1,950 for a year, on these categories (station, groceries, and drugstore), it will be taken that you have clear your card bills.

Our Views

Considering the fact that this credit card has good rewards and accept people with a low credit score, I must say, it is really one of those few cards with which customers can enjoy cashback reward.

Advantages of this Reward Card.

  • The card does not require a high credit score.
  • This card does not require any unnecessary payments.
  • The rewards get from this credit card does not expire and there is no limit to the number of rewards to be offered.
  • It comes with no foreign transaction fees.
  • This credit card gives cashback rewards.

Disadvantages of this Reward Credit Card.

  • You can only get this card if you were given an invitation from Ollo.
  • Also, you will have to pay an annual fee of $39.

Applying for Ollo credit Card

If you were given an invitation from Ollo, you may quickly apply for this Ollo credit card online. Therefore, I advise you to follow this guide to make your credit card application in no time.
So, you are to first visit the homepage of this credit card and click on the Respond to an Offer button located on the right.
On the subsequent page, give you a reservation number and an access code. Then, click on Submit.
Provided that your information was correctly given, you will be able to apply for the Ollo credit card on the following page. After that, just wait for Ollo’s responds.
You can also get an Ollo credit card if you choose to do it this way.
The second method of application is via The is a service which permits you to verify your Ollo credit card invitation and get a card of your choice. Applying for this card using this method, visit this website then, use wisely the instruction given to you in applying for an Ollo card of your choice.

How to Login to Your Card Online Account

Once you have gotten your Ollo card and signed up for it on then, register for an Ollo card online account. This account enables customers to make a payment, see their reward and credit card balance.
Firstly, visit the homepage of this credit to access its online banking form, that allows a customer to access their account after completing their form.
So, give in the specified field your username followed your password.
Those who wish to can click on the box next to Remember Me to save their username for next time.
If you have successfully completed the form, just click on the “Sign In” button.
You will have access to your online account if, your details were correctly submitted.

Paying Your Credit Card Bills.

It is necessary for you to make a payment on your credit card. For this reason, I will be providing you with the three ways with which you can make your credit card payment.
Firstly, you can make your credit card payment through the phone. What you have to do while using this method is to call this number: 1-877-494-0020 then use the steps given to you.
Optionally, those who wish to can mail their card payment. To pay your card bills using this method, just mail it to this address:
Ollo Card Services
P.O. Box 660371
Dallas, TX 75266-0371.
The last and the simplest way of making a payment on your credit card is through online. So, you just have to first register on ( for online access. Then, use the guide above to visit your online account, and pay your card bills.

Alternatives to Ollo Credit Card.

Customer with a poor credit score can get a card that gives bonuses regardless of their low credit score. So, I bring you Discover It Secured Credit Card.
The Discover it card is a secured credit card and for this reason, you are to make a security deposit of at least $200 while using this credit. This helps you to increase your credit score, it also demands no annual fee and has a low credit score. It also gives cashback rewards.

Features of Discover It Secured Credit Card.

This card gives you 2% cashback for whenever you shop at a gas station and restaurant provided it is up to $1,000 per quarter.
Customers can get will get 1% cash back for other purchases.
It has no yearly fee.
After 8 months, Discover gives its customer 8 months before it will start checking their account to know if they are qualified for an unsecured credit card.
This card requires a credit score of 350 to 629.
You will have to pay a security deposit of at least $200, which can be sent back to you.
After one year, Discover will measure your cashback and decide your introductory bonus.
This card is a decent card for customers with any type of credit score and wishes to take enjoy cashback reward.

Discover It Secured Credit Card Vs Ollo Rewards Credit Card.

Though the Discover it card is a secured credit card and for this reason, you are to make a security deposit of at least $200, and this serves as your credit line. But it will help you in increasing your credit score and give you a cash back reward of 2% to 4% in your first year. Unlike the Ollo Reward credit card that gives you a cashback reward of 1% to 2%.
The Discover It card demands no annual fee and checks your account after 8 months to determine if you are qualified to have an unsecured card.  But it has 4% cashback as its limit for the amount of cashback that can be received.