Overstock Credit Card Review: Why this Card is a Good Card Option

Overstock Credit Card review: Why this Card is a good Option

The Overstock credit card which comes in two variations (the Overstock store credit card and the Overstock Rewards MasterCard. Both card comes with no cost on annual fees.) Is a credit card owned by Overstock.com, this is one of the biggest tech-oriented shopping sites. Making purchases on this site can be very rewarding with great offers as well as even free shipping when purchases made exceeds $45.

Overstock credit card
This card that provides flexible and convenient financing options alongside other benefits especially for financing home furniture products with its office based in Midvale, Utah, and the United States. So if you do not make purchases often at Overstock.com we suggest you consider getting a credit card you can use elsewhere. There several great alternatives to this credit card

Can Overstock Credit Card be used Anywhere?

The two cards are offered by two different financial organization and they vary very significantly what they offer. The Overstock store card is issued by Comenity and this particular card can be used only on Overstock.com. It does not offer any great rewards, it simply has a 15 percent discount which is given once.
The second card which is the Overstock Rewards MasterCard, issued by First Bankcard, this card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted and this particular card comes with great rewards and offers. Perks on purchases made and discount codes, access to FICO score and even much more.

The Overstock store card which is issued by Comenity Bank is designed for those who are frequent or bulk buyer at overstock or its merchant store online. The credit cards can only be used for purchases in Overstock.


How to finance your overstock account

With the Overstock Store Credit Card, you enjoy amazing offers and receive special financing§ options as you make purchases on Overstock.com.
To make any payments and manage your account, you can do so by login into your online account at www.comenity.net/overstock. Alternatively, you can do so by calling 1-855-810-2546 (TDD/TTY: 1-888-819-1918)

What credit score do you need for overstock?

You stand a better chance of being approved for the Overstock Store Credit Card whenever you apply with a good to an excellent credit score of about 580 or even higher but never to worry anyway, If you have fair level Credit score, then you can also apply for the Overstock Credit Card and it will be approved.

How to Apply for an overstock credit card

Application criteria

To apply for this card, you must have to meet the following criteria

  • As an Applicant, ensure you are above 18 years
  • Ensure you have a social security number
  • Next is your street address or APO / FPO in the application form.
  • You are also expected to have a valid proof of identity
  • Ensure you are a permanent citizen of the united states.


  • First is to go to the homepage of Comenity Bank and then you click on “Apply” tab seen.
  • You will be taken to a new page where you are required to either login or create a new account peradventure you do not have one.
  • Next is for you to create your new username and a new password. Click on the “Create Account” tab to complete the Application process.
  • You will be approved immediately so long as you meet the stated criteria’s. After approval, you can begin to use the card in the store whenever you want to do so as long as you connect to Overstock.com.

Guide to Check the Application Status

If you have not received the approval notification or you unsure of your application, you can simply check the application status Applicants can check their status by calling 1-855-810-2546 and providing the reference number of the application to obtain a status report.  So ensure you have your reference number with you before calling.

Login Guide

Go to login menu using this link Fill in your Username and Password Next click on Sign In

Forgot Username/Password

Simply click on the Forgot Username/Password link seen in the login menu, next provide all necessary details required and follow the on-page instruction.

How do I delete my overstock account?

To cancel or completely delete your account,
First, simply log in to your online account using the guide above
Next Select the drop-down next to your name and then go to ‘Settings’ on the setting field, go down to the bottom of the page and select ‘delete your account’.
Cardholders can also cancel their credit card or close/delete their account by simply calling the number 1-855-810-2546 to close their account.
Then go into your ‘Me’ tab, visit account settings and hit the privacy tab to locate the option to delete.
To delete your account,

Can you split payments on Overstock?

The Overstock.com has come out a new payment option that enables its customers to “shop now and pay later.” You can actually split your payment with Overstock as the online retailer now offer Pay Pal as a payment option on its site since November. With this option, it also has a “bill me later” financing and payment option.
Overstock.com also uses progressive leasing a service that allows customers to lease more than 3 million eligible products for up to 12 months. Clients and Shoppers can always apply for a Progressive lease at Overstock.com with no credit needed and an initial payment of about $45.
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